Biden Backs Republicans Who Supported Him

Biden Backs Republicans Who Supported Him

( – When President Joe Biden took office, he promised he was going to bring the parties together. He talked a big game about being a unifying politician, and just nine months into his administration that’s largely been proven false. The president has only managed to get bipartisan support for one major piece of legislation. Recently, he defended 13 conservative congressmen who crossed the aisle.

On Friday, November 5, the House of Representatives passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The legislation had passed the Senate months ago, but progressive Democrats were refusing to support it in the lower chamber. Ultimately, 13 Republicans were the reason it passed because 6 far left representatives refused to vote in favor of it.

Some Conservatives were upset about the GOP lawmakers who voted for the bill. There were rumors they might be stripped of their committee assignments. Biden spoke out in support of the lawmakers, reminding everyone the bill that passed was the one piece of legislation lawmakers “generated consensus on.”

The president said the country needs to move forward and come together. Although, most people would agree with that, it certainly isn’t just Republicans who are partisan. Democrats spent four years opposing every single move former President Donald Trump made; he couldn’t even breathe without Democratic lawmakers attacking him. Currently, Democrats are working on a bill they’re trying to jam through using the reconciliation process because they know Conservatives don’t support it, but they don’t care.

Biden’s remarks are a continuation of what he’s said in the past. However, there comes a point when he’s going to need to stop saying nice things and actually start doing something to bridge the gap between the parties.

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