Biden Begins Shouting During Speech, Issues Open Challenge

Biden Begins Shouting During Speech, Issues Open Challenge

( – President Joe Biden delivered a speech on August 16 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act. The commander-in-chief asserted, among shouting numerous other outrageous claims, that the US currently had the strongest economy in the world. He added that there wasn’t a single objective US leaders had tackled and failed — and then he challenged listeners to name a single instance that could prove him wrong.

When the President of the United States of America makes such a bold challenge, who are the people not to deliver? Following is just one example… and another. And one more, just for good measure.

Afghanistan Withdrawal

Officials might agree that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a total mess, but no one in the White House seems to want to take responsibility for it. Biden and his administration attempted to pass the buck on former President Donald Trump, stating the MAGA leader had made the deal and set the withdrawal date, but ultimately the man in charge during the execution of the event was responsible for ensuring it went as smoothly as possible. The final result proved anything but, leading to the deaths of 13 US service members and at least 170 Afghan civilians.

Just two years later, women and girls across the war-scarred nation are watching their liberties slip away. CBS News reports that most have lost their rights to attend school, and women also face significant restrictions in employment.

Border Crisis

The year 2019 saw record numbers of illegal southern border crossing attempts, according to the US Customs and Border Protection. Then 2022 came along and blew those numbers out of the water. Figures for 2023 have shown the trend is only getting worse. Officials fear that losing control over the lengthy region threatens the people’s safety, and they blame minimal resources as a major contributor to the problem. They cite drug trafficking as just one threat illegal crossers bring with them. Many migrants also die along the way to the border or while attempting to cross difficult US terrain.

Lawmakers approved over $1.1 billion last year to help, and yet they remain as far as ever from any kind of victory over the crisis.

The Economy

Most Americans continue to pay astronomical prices at the supermarket, the pump, or even when covering their monthly mortgage, and many blame Biden. US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wrote in a press release that Americans are currently paying about $709 more each month than they did two years ago for the same products and services.

Even in the face of these figures, Biden is claiming big wins for the US people. He points to inflation being “down” — to 3% in June — but that same figure was a crippling 9.1% in June last year.

No matter how the president packages the issues, when the majority of the US population continues to struggle to make ends meet, “failure” is really the only word that fits.

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