Biden Bets on Domestic Agenda to Transition From Afghanistan Narrative

Biden Bets on Domestic Agenda to Transition from Afghanistan Narrative

( – President Joe Biden is trying to dress up a muddy pig. However, the nicely dressed but dirty pig is still a pig. There’s no way to get around that reality. In August, the president’s self-inflicted wound caused by his hasty and poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan created a potential lame-duck presidency. While the Afghanistan news continues to dominate headlines, Biden’s trying to escape from it faster than a skier trying to outrun an avalanche.

One can’t blame the president for trying to flee from his troubles. They’re bad… they’re really bad… and there’s no sugar-coating it. The public is turning on Biden quickly, and the administration hopes to stop the bleeding by turning to domestic issues. In particular, Biden’s trying to help Congressional Democrats ram through his two-track infrastructure plan even though both bills face steep uphill battles and the real possibility of failure. If that happens, it could be the end of Biden’s presidency just as it’s getting started.

Is the Narrative Baked In?

Throughout August, the president caught himself in a web of tangled lies and mistruths. The question is, can he overcome the continuing saga of his self-sabotaging ways? It appears the country is turning on him quickly. On Wednesday, September 1, a new Morning Consult poll showed the president upside down for the first time in his presidency. That didn’t take long.

The poll said 49% of voters disapproved and 47% approved of Biden’s overall job performance. A whopping 61% of voters believe America is going in the wrong direction. On domestic issues, 49% either strongly or somewhat disapprove of how the president handles the economy. The numbers are slightly better on jobs and a complete trainwreck on immigration. The commander in chief is also upside down on COVID-19 as 51% disapprove of his handling of the pandemic.

It appears Biden has boxed himself in through his narratives of misinformation and botched policy agendas.

Infrastructure’s On Tap and the Administration’s Future Is at Risk

The White House believes America’s attention will shift back to domestic issues sometime after the Labor Day weekend. As Biden tries to flee the Afghanistan debacle and move on, he plans to focus on the $3.5 trillion “human” infrastructure havoc awaiting his attention in Congress. Moderate and Progressive Democrats are not on the same page with the Left. As it stands, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) will voice a rigid “no” vote on the go-it-alone reconciliation package. Without significant concessions and a significant price reduction, the Arizona Senator claims she isn’t budging. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), another Moderate, also expresses deep reservations. In a 50/50 Senate, it only takes one Democrat to kill a bill.

As Democrats work on drafting the massive go-it-alone package, the Left is at war trying to bully Democrats to vote for their far-Left agenda. Will Biden have much sway in getting the extremes of the party to compromise? If the bill goes down, it’s going to be another in a string of failures piling up for the administration, and the president can’t afford more failure at the moment.

While Biden might want to escape the Afghanistan narrative, it’s too late. It’s baked in. Now, the best situation he can hope for involves Democrats saving his domestic agenda.

He’s not in a good position, it could get a lot worse. A “better” position may not even be in his deck of cards, but who knows… in politics, things can change quickly.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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