Biden Calls Conservatives Neanderthals — Brings to Mind Hillary’s Deplorables

Biden Calls Conservatives Neanderthals -- Brings to Mind Hillary's Deplorables

( – In 2019, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden said that Republicans were not the enemy. He said if he won the White House, he would work with Republicans in Congress. At his inaugural address in January, he called for unity and said he wasn’t a president for Democrats or Republicans but all Americans.

However, when you look at his executive orders and push to fulfill his campaign promise to be the most Progressive president in US history, Biden has all but abandoned his past statements in the first 30 days of his presidency. Now he’s taking it a step further, calling Conservatives who are ending restrictions in Republican states “Neanderthals.” One governor says it’s reminiscent of the “deplorables” statement made by Hillary Clinton in 2016 that galvanized Republican voters.

It’s not hard to understand what is happening. The battle between the conservative ideals of personal liberty and liberal over-handedness is on full display. What happens moving forward could decide America’s future.

Biden Takes a Swipe at Conservative Governors

On Wednesday, March 3, President Biden accused Republican governors in Texas and Mississippi of “Neanderthal thinking” after re-opening their states and ending their mask mandates.

That sparked an immediate response from Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves. The governor said his state doesn’t need “handlers.” It was a veiled swat at Biden. In recent weeks, questions have arisen about Biden’s capacity as it appears the president’s aides are giving him constant direction.

Reeves tweeted that his residents can make up their own minds about what’s appropriate and not appropriate for them because they “listen to experts.” He further said, “…we should trust Americans, not insult them.” In a separate interview, he insinuated Biden’s statement was inflammatory and reminded him how out of touch the president is with middle America. He said he felt similar emotions when Hillary Clinton insulted Trump supporters in 2016 by calling them “deplorables.”

Let’s Talk About Neanderthal Thinking

In broad terms, America’s heart and soul are at stake as Conservatism’s principles clash with Liberalism’s ideology. At the core of Conservatism is a belief in people and their constitutional rights – even during a pandemic. Those principles include work, opportunity and hope.

Neanderthal thinking led the federal and state governments to restrict liberties and freedoms over the last year. In the wake of Neanderthal thinking, too many jobs have been permanently lost. Too many dreams and opportunities have been shattered. Too many are losing hope in the future while struggling to provide for families and pay mortgages and rents.

The pandemic is not responsible for the economic calamity facing America’s future. The over-handedness of government is the cause, and the pandemic was merely the excuse. In October and November, the US Supreme Court ruled New York and California were wrong to restrict religious liberties and overturned their strict orders. The ruling impacted cases nationwide. Last week, a federal judge ruled the eviction moratoriums violated the Commerce Clause and said the government did not have the authority to deprive property owners of their income. The list of government abuses goes on and on. In California, petitioners acquired nearly 2 million signatures to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom over his strict handling of the pandemic.

It’s just the beginning of the fallout America will deal with for years. In the meantime, Democrat Neanderthal thinking in Congress is rallying Conservatives as Democrats continue to overreach and to pass Extremist Liberal legislation.

That leaves Conservatives with two choices. Do nothing or push back by exposing Democrat’s extreme plan to transform America away from work, opportunity, and hope and towards dependency empowering government over its citizens.

It’s our choice. Choose wisely.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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