Biden Campaign Starts VP Vetting

Biden Campaign Starts VP Vetting

( – Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden vowed he’d select a female as his running mate for the 2020 presidential election. Now, it seems one of Biden’s former competitors has been asked to begin the vetting process.

Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) reportedly got word from the Biden campaign to prepare to be fully vetted. This process is often done when someone is seriously being considered for the role of vice president.

But not everyone is happy about Klobuchar as the possible choice, however. She has a hard time with minority voters, which doesn’t really help Biden.

The Black and Latino communities criticize Biden campaign’s choice in Klobuchar saying she doesn’t excite either minority base. Choosing her would probably hurt his chances of beating President Trump.

Although Biden has been supported by minority voters in the past, a recent gaffe has really upset many of them. In an interview, he said if they still have to decide who to vote for between him or President Trump, they “ain’t black.”

With Klobuchar set to begin the vetting process, it’ll be interesting to see who else — if anyone — is asked to undergo the process. Either way, the real race to the White House has begun and the fight will be nothing if not entertaining.

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