Biden Caught in HUGE Lie About Family — Again

Biden Caught in HUGE Lie About Family - Again

( – President Joe Biden has a long history as a gaffe machine. The media has called him out multiple times during his presidency for making false claims. Recently, reporters slammed him once again for saying something that wasn’t true.

On December 16, Biden held a town hall for veterans in Delaware. During the event, the president told a story about a conversation with his father after he won the 2008 race for vice president. According to Biden, his dad told him that his uncle fought in the Battle of the Bulge during WWII and should have received a Purple Heart. The elder Biden asked his son if he could help him get the military honor for his uncle to surprise him with it.

President Biden claimed he gave his uncle the Purple Heart and presented it to him at his home with the family there.

The New York Post debunked the story, saying Biden’s dad died in 2002 — six years before the 2008 election. His uncle died in 1999, making the president’s tale impossible.

Aaron Blake, a writer for The Washington Post, revealed no record of his uncle receiving a Purple Heart exists. also dinged him for the claim.

Representative-elect Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) used Twitter to call the president out for the fib.

Do you think Biden owes veterans an apology?

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