Biden CAVES After Controversy – He’s So Sorry!

Biden Walks Back Armageddon Comments After Harsh Criticism

Biden Walks Back Armageddon Comments After Harsh Criticism

( – President Joe Biden recently said the world was at risk of Armageddon. The commander-in-chief was responding to threats of nuclear war made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of the former Soviet nation has talked about using the weapons at least twice in recent weeks as Ukrainians intent on defending their homeland continue to pummel his military.

A number of Conservatives spoke out against Biden talking about the threat so bluntly. Now, the president is walking back his remarks.

The Shocking Remarks and Criticism

On October 6, Biden spoke at a Democratic fundraiser and brought up Putin’s nuclear threats. He told attendees he believed the country was the closest to Armaggedon since the 1960s Cuban Missile Crisis. The president explained that he didn’t believe the Russian leader was joking when he made the threats. The stark warning shocked some and angered others.

Former President Donald Trump blasted the POTUS at a rally days later. He told his supporters that the US should delicately handle a peace negotiation between Ukraine and Russia. According to the Washington Examiner, the 45th president lambasted his successor for saying “exactly the wrong thing.” Further, Trump believes that language will push the world into WWIII.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) appeared on Fox News “America Reports” and also slammed Biden. She said the country’s enemies are looking at a “weak” president. The senator argued the POTUS didn’t make his remarks about Russia in the appropriate venue, and he should have addressed the nation if he thought the situation was that dire, not randomly pronounced such doom at a fundraiser. She said, “It is inappropriate. It is impulsive. It’s irresponsible,” regarding Biden’s approach to the matter.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also wasn’t amused. He called the president’s remarks “reckless.”

Biden Changes Course … Kind Of

After days of backlash, Biden changed his position. During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the CNN host asked if the president thought Putin might detonate a nuclear bomb because he’s losing the war in Ukraine. The POTUS responded, “I don’t think he will,” a change from his previous declaration that he didn’t think his Russian counterpart was joking when he made the threats.

Still, the president said he certainly thinks Putin can’t continue to threaten to use “a tactical nuclear weapon as if that’s a rational thing to do.” He explained it could lead to a “miscalculation” that “could end in Armageddon.”

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