Biden Claims He MET Dead Person!

Biden Claims He Met Inventor of Insulin Who Died Before He Was Born

Biden Claims He Met Discoverer of Insulin Who Died Before He Was Born

( – President Joe Biden’s name is synonymous with “gaffes.” The US leader constantly makes mistakes while speaking. While Democrats are quick to point out, he has a stutter, which he certainly does, that isn’t an excuse for outright lies. The commander-in-chief has repeatedly made untrue statements. He did it again during a speech in Florida recently.

Biden’s Gaffe-Filled Speech

On Tuesday, November 1, Biden was in Hallandale Beach to promote the administration’s Inflation Reduction Act and attack the Republican Party over its efforts to change Social Security. During the speech, the president made a number of strange errors while he was talking.

At one point, Biden asked the crowd how many know someone who uses insulin for diabetes. He went on to say the inventor of insulin never patented the methods for making the substance “because he wanted it available for everyone. I spoke to him, OK?”

The president’s declaration he spoke to the person who invented the diabetes medicine was especially bizarre because Frederick Banting — who discovered, not invented, insulin — has been dead longer than Biden has lived. The doctor passed away on February 21, 1941, more than a year before the POTUS was born on November 20, 1942. Professor John James Richard Macleod, who worked on the research with Banting, died in 1935.

The president also discussed his son, Beau Biden, saying he died in Iraq.

Biden has said that multiple times in the past, explaining his belief that burn pits might have contributed to his son’s death from brain cancer. During the speech, he also repeatedly referred to Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) as “senator.”

The POTUS spoke about inflation as well, claiming it was the “lowest in the world.”

Midterm Baggage

As Democrats barrel toward the midterms, likely to lose many of their House seats, Biden’s missteps could do more damage than good. His approval ratings are already incredibly low. According to FiveThirtyEight, only 42.1% of the country approves of his job performance. A whopping 53.4% of Americans don’t think he’s doing a good job.

With so much of the country upset with how Biden is performing, it’s doubtful they will appreciate the lies he tells when speaking to the public. Some pundits think that could cost the party big time next week because voters could very well decide they don’t want politicians to serve them who’ll also serve the POTUS.

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