Biden Cloaks Patriotism in Scathing Rebuke of President Trump

Biden Cloaks Patriotism in Scathing Rebuke of President Trump

( – American politicians often use patriotic language to stir emotions and find common ground with the people. Joe Biden attempted to do just that — kind of. On Monday, December 14, the Electoral College met, and the mainstream media unofficially gave Biden the electoral votes necessary to cross the finish line. He was awarded 306 votes to President Trump’s 232. Of course, the incumbent’s total doesn’t yet include the electoral votes entered by the GOP in swing states. On January 6, 2021, Congress will convene to certify the actual results and make them official.

In a victory speech early Monday evening, Biden tried to cloak patriotism in a scathing rebuke of President Trump. He called for uniting the country and promised to be a president for “all Americans.” He added that he would govern for not just those who voted for him but also those who didn’t. He talked about the common ground we all have, being Americans and loving our country.

However, some of the tones of the speech obscured what sounded good. Biden accused the president of assaulting Democracy and abusing his power, and the Democratic contender insinuated that only he could correct Trump’s alleged wrongs. If it was his idea of bringing the country together, he missed the goalposts by a mile. To Trump supporters, the speech might have felt more like a scolding than a peace offering.

Biden Slams Trump and Trump Supporters Indirectly

In harshly-worded terms, the former vice president accused Trump of an “unprecedented assault on democracy.” A quick review is warranted to talk about this allegation. Since election day 2016, Democrats said if they got the opportunity, they would impeach the president and remove him from office.

Through the deep state FBI and intelligence agencies, Former President Barack Obama and Biden suggested they find a means to destroy incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. It was Biden who allegedly brought up using the Logan Act against Flynn in an Oval Office meeting just days before Trump was inaugurated.

One FBI lawyer doctored emails for the FISA court, and other documents were misrepresented to the court. They accused the president and his 2016 campaign of colluding with Russia. A three year, multi-hundred-million-dollar investigation determined there was no Russia collusion despite Democrats’ insistence otherwise.

In late 2019, Democrats got their wish, and the House impeached Trump on a flimsy whim. They continuously put words in the president’s mouth to label him a racist, xenophobe, liar, and more. Democrats doxed high-level Trump administration employees, followed them publicly and harassed them. They accused Trump supporters of being racist, uneducated people who voted against their best interests.

So, who was really responsible for dividing America?

But we should all come together because the great troublemaker is gone?

Battle for the Soul of America

Throughout the Democratic Party’s primary and the general election, Biden often spoke of the “battle for the soul of America.” On Monday, he brought it up again in his speech. However, it appears the former vice president is living in an alternate universe.

“In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed. We, the people, voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now it is time to turn the page. To unite. To heal.”

Biden’s problem is that according to a YouGov poll, three-quarters of Americans don’t agree with his assessment that the election had integrity. Half the country that voted for Trump doesn’t want to go back to Obama era policies that saw the slowest economic growth in American history. Many don’t want to move the country left into a declining pattern of socialism. Many don’t believe in his method of healing America, which appears to be a “follow me” and we’ll heal mentality.

Plus, there is the added hypocrisy of the media shielding Biden from the family pay-for-play scandal before the election that’s just now being more broadly exposed. The Democratic presidential contender said it was a “smear campaign,” and the media and Big Tech censored the 5th largest newspaper in America for its reporting, as well as millions of Americans who wanted to share it on social media.

How can we heal and unite under a corrupt media and a candidate that appears corrupt?

It’s Far From Over for Conservatives

The battle for the soul of America isn’t over because Democrats and Biden say it’s over. Republicans and Americans showed through down-ballot victories of Republicans in the House and Senate that America disagrees with progressive policies. Yet, that’s how Congressional Democrats and Biden are likely to govern if he becomes the President of the United States.

It could be the Obama administration all over again. Their attitudes towards Americans with policies like Obamacare and a faltering middle class gave rise to the Tea Party and, ultimately, Donald Trump. It appears they might not have learned their lesson in 2016.

It’s also important to note that President Trump has not conceded and plans to fight on, believing that widespread mail-in voter fraud rigged by Democrats at the local level ruined his re-election bid.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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