Biden Cloaks Socialists Ideas in Traditional Promises

Biden Cloaks Socialists Ideas in Traditional Promises

( – Since George Washington, new presidents have gone before Congress to paint a picture of their vision for America’s future. Great speeches of presidents trying to persuade members of Congress to a cause lace American history. From winning wars, going to space, and improving economies, people look to a president for inspiration and hope. Sometimes presidents rise to the occasion and achieve the impossible. Other times, the rhetoric sounds inspiring but falls short of the moment.

On Wednesday, April 28, President Joe Biden got his first shot in a speech before a significantly paired down Congress to inspire America to his vision. However, the country is deeply divided, especially after Biden’s promises of unity and bipartisanship turned out to be empty. Biden used a lot of traditional rhetoric to tickle the ears of Americans. However, all it took was peeling back one layer of the onion to see it’s all a facade to empower the emerging socialism of the far-left.

Americans Won’t Create Jobs Under Biden, the Government Will

Listening to Biden, it became clear that he wasn’t inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to create more jobs. He advocated for a $1.9 trillion government plan to create new jobs through government spending with taxpayer dollars and debt. The first three years under former President Donald Trump showed him nothing as job creation exploded, workers from the bottom up saw their wages increase, and more jobs were available than people to fill them. It was a stark change from the Obama/Biden economy that limped along for eight years.

Biden took responsibility for the job growth over the last three months. Yet, he had nothing to do with it. As the country began to return to work after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, it was bound to happen. It’s another one of his incredible manipulations of facts.

The blue-collar jobs Biden plans to create are in great dispute because they are centered around redesigning America’s economy. Already, he’s killed tens of thousands of energy jobs. He revoked the Keystone XL pipeline and prohibited further oil extraction from federal lands that led to high-paying blue-collar jobs and America’s energy independence for the first time in decades. There is no proof that large-scale “green” jobs will ever materialize at the scale he’s hoping for, and hope is all it is at this point. There are no plans for green jobs. Ask the people let go who work in the energy field.

Is Biden a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Biden talked about creating good-paying jobs. However, who will pay to create them and ultimately pay the wages? That’s right: Joe Biden and Democrats.

Who wants to harm the job creators with high taxes and force businesses to downscale their workforce to pay for the taxes? Joe Biden and Democrats.

Who wants to create corporate taxes that will force the prices to rise on virtually everything America purchases? Joe Biden and Democrats.

Who will take the responsibility of higher education and turn college degrees into the equivalent of high school degrees? Joe Biden and Democrats.

Who wants to strip workers of their rights and force them under the tutelage of union bosses?

You get the picture.

Time after time, Biden tried to paint a picture of someone fighting for America’s future. However, it’s clear he’s fighting for the left’s agenda to radically transform America’s free-market economy to one run by the government. That used to be called socialism.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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