Biden Deals Harsh Blow to Sanders

Biden Deals Harsh Blow to Sanders

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden won four of six states on Tuesday and may have put a dagger in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) presidential campaign.

The biggest primary state of the night was Michigan. Within minutes of the polls closing the media called the state for Biden as a win, and win he did — by nearly 258,000 votes.

In 2016, Sanders won Michigan, defeating Hillary Clinton.

It didn’t fare much better for Sanders in some of the other primary states either. Biden crushed him in Mississippi by 173,551 votes and in Missouri by 169,801 votes.

While Sanders won North Dakota and Washington, he did so by only 1,940 votes and 2,084 votes respectively. That margin may change in Washington given that, currently, 67% of votes have been countered.

A candidate must secure 1,991 delegates in order to win the nomination. Tuesday’s wins put Biden in a commanding position to win the Democratic nomination. Currently, Biden has 823 pledged delegates and Sanders has 663 pledged delegates. Approximately 90 delegates from Super Tuesday have still not been allocated.

Sanders Campaign May Be Over

The numbers are starting to get more complicated for Sanders, which could mean that his campaign is out of reach to win the nomination.

Polls currently show that Biden has a wide margin in delegate-rich Florida and questions abound about Sanders’ ability to win in Ohio, Arizona, and Illinois — all states that Sanders lost to Clinton in 2016.

In Michigan, Sanders campaign staffers were reported to be despondent and defeated. Some questioned how he could have won the state in 2016 and lost so badly in 2020.

Sanders continues to have the same problems that have plagued his campaign since South Carolina last month. He isn’t winning over enough African-Americans and didn’t appeal to working-class voters. Sanders was able to court most of the young people, but, once again, it wasn’t enough to keep him competitive.

The results over the last three weeks have shown that Sanders’ message to the working-class and youth is severely undermined at this point.

On Tuesday night, Sanders uncharacteristically did not speak to the media or his supporters. Instead, he went home to Vermont.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) acknowledged the challenges ahead for the democratic socialist movement: “There’s no sugarcoating it. Tonight’s a tough night. Tonight’s a tough night for the movement overall. Tonight’s a tough night electorally.”

Media Piles On — Says Appeal Was Anti-Clinton in 2016

As poll numbers began to come in, political analysts started piling on Sanders in their commentary. Many of them argued that Sanders’ appeal in 2016 was not nearly as strong as he thought.

Instead of Bernie’s campaign being about him and his message, it was more about an anti-Clinton sentiment than being about a political revolution led by a socialist.

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said:

Sanders previously said he will not drop out of the race and has repeatedly attacked the Democratic party for rigging the nomination against him. He has claimed that the party needs a political revolution in order to move his socialist policy agenda forward.

Biden Calls for Unity

On Tuesday night, Biden called for party unity in order to defeat President Trump in November. Biden has picked up the endorsement of most of the former presidential contenders.

Sounding like he just won the nomination, Biden reached out to Sanders and his supporters thanking them for their energy and passion. He said the two campaigns share a common goal in defeating Trump and that they will do it together.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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