Biden Demands More Funds From Congress for Ukraine

Biden Demands More Funds From Congress for Ukraine

Biden Sends New Demand To Congress

( – The United States has given Ukraine billions of dollars in military aid to fight back against the invading Russian military. Still, the country continues to need help from America and its other allies as it fights Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops. US President Joe Biden is now asking Congress to send even more aid overseas.

On April 25, President Biden requested Congress send an additional $33 billion to aid the Ukrainians. “Basically, we’re out of money,” Biden said. He told lawmakers they need to pass the funds so the US can continue to “support Ukraine’s fight for freedom.” He said the country needs more ammunition, arms, and money.

Republicans and Democrats agree the funding is necessary to help Ukraine. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Left could hold the aid up by trying to tie it to a COVID-19 package.

The House of Representatives is currently on break for a week, so it could be a couple of weeks until there’s any movement on the legislation.

Biden visited a Lockheed Martin factory in Alabama on May 3 to see the production of anti-tank Javelin missiles the US is sending to Ukraine, which were part of a previous aid package.

Although most Americans support Ukraine and want to help them beat Putin, one has to wonder how long the US can continue pouring money into the war.

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