Biden Embarrasses Himself in Kenosha

Biden Embarrasses Himself in Kenosha

( – On a visit to Kenosha, WI, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden did it, again. He can’t help himself. Either he doesn’t know what’s coming out of his mouth or he doesn’t know who he’s talking to. Either way, it’s not a good look.

On Thursday, September 3, Biden came out of his basement in Delaware to speak to a small group of 20 people in the town where rioting was responsible for destroying properties and businesses last weekend. The Democratic nominee was rambling on about several of his policies when people started to get up during his remarks. That’s when he said if he spoke any longer, “they’ll shoot me.”

It was a moment of complete unawareness. Throughout his career, the former senator and vice president have been prone to gaffes. Democrats and the media have consistently dismissed Biden’s misstatements over the years by saying, “that’s Joe.” Yet, if President Trump said something like that, it would likely be front-page news on the New York Times and the lead story on MSNBC and CNN.

Biden was in Kenosha after coming under pressure when the president announced last weekend he would be coming to town. Trump visited on Tuesday despite the governor and mayor pleading with him not to come. Instead of using it to tout his platform, the president met with law enforcement and toured the areas destroyed by the riots in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake by police. Trump promised that the government would help rebuild the community.

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