Biden Embraces “America First”

Biden Embraces America First

( – Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is attempting to hijack Donald Trump’s successful “America First” message that Democrats have blasted for four years. On Thursday, July 9, Biden said he wants to focus on “Buy American” and “Made in America.” Sound familiar?

However, what he says and what he means are two very different things in some instances. Yet, on some issues, Biden seems to embrace Trump.

For the last four years, Democrats have accused Trump of abandoning the global economy and threatening America’s standing in the world. They claimed that Trump’s America First policy was a “go it alone” one that would hurt the country.

In every instance, they were wrong.

The economy grew significantly for the three years leading up to COVID-19. America had one of the lowest unemployment numbers in decades, and incomes were on the rise. Trade was rebalancing, and the economy was robust.

Trump often emphasized he was not abandoning the world. However, he was looking out for America’s interests first, as every nation should. Unlike President Obama, he refused to apologize for America’s success. Instead, Trump reminded the country that when America does well, it raises the bar for the world and other countries do well.

Biden Tries to Steal Trump’s Message

While Biden is on the campaign trail saying Trump is the wrong person to lead America, he’s stealing Trump’s message. This ultimately proves that Trump was right all along as Democrats are forced to admit they weren’t.

In several ways, Biden’s policies are in complete alignment with Trump. The former VP wants to reduce the United States’ reliance on foreign governments, especially China. COVID-19 exposed how China takes advantage of the US. The Chinese communist party even intentionally withheld vital medical supply shipments to America as they sent them to other countries around the world.

Additionally, Biden is now arguing he wants to move manufacturing back to the country, which would require changes to trade agreements. Sound familiar? However, Biden can’t explain how he would reduce costs for manufacturers who find it less expensive to make things overseas and import them, especially since he’s proposing tax and regulatory increases on businesses.

That’s where the similarities end while the language stays the same.

Biden Hijacks America First in Name Only

Biden, like Trump, says he wants to unleash the economy and create strong economic growth. Yet, only one has successfully done it (yes, it’s Trump). Curiously, on the issues of taxes, regulations, and trade, Biden has the exact opposite strategies that Trump employs — the same ones Obama used that didn’t work.

Here are just a few contrasts where Biden says he embraces America First but means something different:

Taxes – Trump wants to continue reducing them to incentivize spending and economic expansion. Biden plans to raise taxes on businesses that would de-incentivize business expansion, hiring, and relocation.

Regulations – Businesses have long held that regulations and red tape were more expensive and impactful to their operations than taxes. Trump has been overhauling the regulatory nightmare since day one in office. In his first few months, he ordered that any agency that wanted to add a regulation must get rid of two. The result is over 8 were cut for every new one, saving over $220 billion. Throughout the fall of 2019, Biden argued in the Democratic primary that many of Trump’s deregulations had to be overturned.

Trade – President Trump removed America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) that would have cost Americans jobs and hurt the economy. Biden has said he would revise the negotiations and implement TPP.

Biden appears to support Trump in that America must take care of itself first and protect its own interests. However, he’s proven his ways of accomplishing that are very different than Trump’s and they just don’t work. Look for this to become a significant theme in the fall election.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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