Biden Endorsement Causes Drama in Virginia

Biden Endorsement Causes Drama in Virginia

( – Recently, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. One person isn’t happy about it, though.

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax doesn’t know if he can support Biden just because the former governor likes him.

It seems strange not to support a candidate just because someone you don’t like likes him. Sounds like middle school recess all over again.

Fairfax isn’t exactly someone all Democrats support anyway. Virginia’s second-in-charge has been accused of assaulting multiple women. Many in his party called on him to resign, but he refused. Late last year, he even sued CBS for reporting on the allegations, but the lawsuit was dismissed.

He has, however, said he’s going to run for governor despite his baggage. The fractures in the Democratic party are continuing to show and that’s not a good sign for their shot at the White House in November. President Trump, on the other hand, maintains strong support within his party.

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