Biden Envoy Placed On Leave Over Classified Document Scandal

Biden Envoy Placed On Leave Over Classified Document Scandal

( – Questions over how government officials handle classified documents have been in the media for months. Former President Donald Trump is currently under indictment on 37 felony charges because of his alleged mishandling of classified material. Now the American people are learning of yet another official who didn’t do the right thing and was punished for it.

On June 29, reports revealed the special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, was placed on administrative leave without pay for allegedly mishandling classified material. The incident reportedly forced the administration to consider whether he should keep his security clearance.

Malley told CNN that he was told that his security clearance was being suspended but wasn’t given any other information.

State Department spokesperson Matt Miller confirmed that Malley was on leave. In the meantime, Abram Paley has taken on the role of acting Special Envoy for Iran in his place.

According to sources, it’s not clear what Malley did to trigger the investigation. He has played an important role in the administration’s efforts to secure the release of detained Americans. In that role, he calls the families regularly and keeps them up to date on what’s happening with each of their cases. The news comes when Biden is in the midst of trying to negotiate a new nuclear agreement.

Congress is now demanding answers about the alleged incident. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) spoke out on June 30, saying the administration needs to explain why Malley lost his pay for a period of time and had the clearance revoked.

The Associated Press reported McCaul sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and demanded more answers. He said the media reports about Malley “raise serious concerns” regarding his conduct and whether the “State Department misled Congress and the American public.” Further, he said the issue was compounded by the fact that the administration has ignored efforts by Congress to have more input in the Iran deal.

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