Biden Exploits Pandemic in Primetime Speech

Biden Exploits Pandemic in Primetime Speech

( – One year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic hit America between the eyes. President Trump temporarily closed down parts of the economy to ensure the medical system could prepare for the unknown. During the following months, governors followed suit in an effort to “flatten the curve.” However, in Democratic-led states, the shutdowns were the harshest, taking devastating tolls on lives and livelihoods.

On Thursday night, March 11, President Biden addressed the nation as he kicked off the propaganda tour celebrating the partisan COVID relief package. The speech was full of the same campaign rhetoric that America heard throughout the 2020 general election last fall. However, this time, Biden made some threatening promises, tipped his hat at how little he’s concerned with the US Constitution, and misinformed and exploited the pandemic for his personal political gain.

Could Biden “Reinstate Restrictions?”

When the framers ratified the US Constitution in 1787, they intentionally made a more symbolic presidency than a powerful one. Unlike a dictatorial monarch, a president was supposed to be accountable to the government’s co-equal branches and the people. The president’s powers are limited, as are the federal government’s. The 10th Amendment grants most government powers to the states. It’s an important point to remember because each state is a sovereign entity from the federal government with its own unique constitution.

However, that reality appears to escape President Biden. He warned that if people don’t heed the government’s “recommendations” (i.e., follow the informal rules it sets), he could “reinstate restrictions.”

To what restrictions is he referring, exactly?

Is he referring to forcing the nation to stay home? How did that one work out as Democratic governors destroyed livelihoods? Two federal judges recently ruled that the eviction moratoriums violated the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution in cases brought in Texas and Ohio. As landlords make their cases in federal courts, it’s not looking good for the government’s overreach. Could Biden be referring to stripping people’s freedom of religion? The Supreme Court also said that wasn’t constitutional.

The president’s veiled threat appears to be a shot at Republican governors who believe after a year of shutdowns and mandates, it’s time to fully reopen and restore all Constitutional liberties to their citizens. As many said over the last year, the pandemic does not supersede or sideline the Constitution.

Biden Takes Credit for Trump’s Successes

Perhaps equally as bad as threatening Americans, Biden claimed that when he came into office, the vaccination program was non-existent. However, that’s simply not true. Between 10 million and 17 million first vaccination shots were underway from January 14 through January 21. Biden was inaugurated on January 20.

In addition, by signaling that he intended to ensure everyone could be vaccinated beginning May 1, the president recognized what Trump achieved whether he wanted to admit it or not. Unfortunately, by rewriting or ignoring Operation Warp Speed and misinforming the public about vaccinations underway before he took office, Biden attempted to take credit for Trump’s success. It’s a pattern with this president. He continues to rapidly undo all the good Trump did while taking credit for successes, or cause new disastrous problems like the growing migrant crisis on the southern border.

Biden’s speech was nothing more than propaganda to exploit the pandemic and make himself look good. Instead of uniting the country, he’s dividing it through “misinformation.” While it’s unlikely he’ll get censored by the media or Big Tech, those paying attention are onto his game. Even the media is beginning to ask questions after being stonewalled on multiple issues by the administration.

Unfortunately, Biden is doubling down on his dark talk and cynicism of a brighter tomorrow.

Fortunately, Republican governors are showing America the way forward.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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