Biden Facing Lawsuit for Discrimination

Biden Facing Lawsuit for Discrimination

( – Biden bragged his American Rescue Plan as one that would help all Americans push through the COVID-19 pandemic into a new, refreshed, and revitalized economy. However, months after the act was signed, these policies touted by the Biden administration and the radical Left are showing their true colors.

Tennessee Couple Pushed to “Back of the Line” by Biden

On Wednesday, May 12, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty filed a lawsuit on behalf of Antonio Vitolo and his Hispanic wife, who own Jake’s Bar and Grill in Harriman, Tennessee. The couple tried to apply for a federal loan as part of Biden’s $26.8 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund, but the program deferred their application because they aren’t a designated “priority group.”

Because Vitolo and his wife share the business equally in a 50-50 split, their eatery doesn’t meet the minimum 51% minority-owned standard required to apply for the funds during the first two weeks when the program accepts applications. Vitolo noted they “do not want special treatment,” but instead, they simply want to “be treated equally under the law.” That’s a perfectly understandable desire, given that they live in America where our Constitution grants that right.

Five Farmers Joined to Fight Biden’s Discriminatory Plan

Five farmers have also joined forces with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty to fight against the American Rescue Plan’s loans for farmers and ranchers. The law only allows “socially disadvantaged” farmers to apply for loans in the $4 billion program allotment, and the US Department of Agriculture further limits applicants to those who are “Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic, Asian, and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.”

Adam Faust, one of the farmers in the suit, is white and disabled with two prosthetic legs from his life-long battle with spina bifida. He told Fox News that our government should not be able to go about “picking and choosing” who gets aid “based solely on the color of their skin.”

Equal Protection Under the Law Is a Cornerstone of American Freedom

Different groups of Americans have fought for their rights over the life of our nation. When we see this administration discriminating against people based on skin color, we must confront it. Thankfully, these brave farmers and small business owners are willing to stand up for justice and equal protection for all.

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