Biden Family Accused of Kickback Scheme By Whistleblower

Hunter Biden Accused of Kickback Scheme By Whistleblower

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has caused him some problems, to put it mildly. Republicans in the House are currently investigating the POTUS and his family. Now a former employee of Barack Obama’s administration might cause even more issues for the current First Family.

On April 12, former Obama stenographer Mike McCormick appeared on Fox News. He spoke to “Fox and Friends First” and dropped a bombshell. He claimed that Biden knew about all of his son’s business dealings while he was on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. He claimed there was a transcription of a senior official on April 21, 2014, on board Air Force Two as Biden, who was vice president then, was headed to Kyiv, Ukraine.

McCormick claimed that the official was the current national security advisor, Jake Sullivan. At the time, Sullivan served as the vice president’s national security advisor. He alleged the trip to Ukraine was to help Hunter Biden in his foreign-influence campaign, not to help the US. The former stenographer claimed a meeting two days before the flight at the White House with Devon Archer, another Burisma board member, was to “start their kickback scheme.”

McCormick told Fox that the FBI has been ignoring his tips. He said he sent one in using the website, knowing that lying to them would be a crime. He accused the president of being a “criminal” and said Sullivan was a part of the plot. Further, he said he believed there might be other people involved.

Biden has long maintained that he was not involved in any of Hunter’s business dealings. So far, there is no evidence to prove otherwise. McCormick said he wants to testify before the grand jury investigating the president’s son because he said he is a witness to a crime.

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