Biden Finally STANDS UP to China – Look What He Did!

Biden Reacts to Potential Chinese Invasion

Biden Reacts to Potential Chinese Invasion

( – China has made its desire to force Taiwan to unite with it very clear. The communist government believes the island is part of its country. Traditionally, the US has respected the One China policy and practiced strategic ambiguity, where leaders remain quiet about the possibility of military involvement. President Joe Biden has once again demonstrated that’s not his policy.

On Sunday, September 18, CBS aired a “60 Minutes” interview with the POTUS and asked him about a potential invasion. Specifically, Scott Pelley wanted to know if Biden would authorize US military force if that were to happen.

Instead of deflecting, Biden responded, “Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack.”

The network reported the White House claimed US policy hadn’t changed after the interview with the president. In other words, it’s still committed to the One China policy and strategic ambiguity.

On Monday, ABC News reported Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said the remarks violate the current policy that America won’t support Taiwanese independence. The Chinese government believes that is a step toward war, and the Chinese representative said Beijing “has made solemn complaints” with Washington.

Biden’s remarks were at least the third time he has pledged to send the US military to war for Taiwan. Each time, the White House has walked them back.

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