Biden/Harris Called Out By Pro-Life Groups

Biden/Harris Called Out By Pro-Life Groups

( – The battle between pro-choice and pro-life continues on and many are wondering where the newly-nominated presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris stand on the issue of abortions. The fact that pro-life groups are calling them out may show us the answer.

Over the past several decades, the arguments for and against abortion have morphed as Americans became conditioned to its legal reality. Many believed it was morally permissible to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester under the belief that the fetus was not yet a developed human being. Over time, abortions in later terms became acceptable if it was a medically-determined danger to the mother.

Over the last several years, something changed and the argument shifted again. Today, pro-choice politicians and advocates no longer need to make the argument about when life begins since many now advocate for late-term abortions of fully-developed babies. This is in spite of evidence showing what unborn babies can sense in the womb.

Documentaries have demonstrated that in the third trimester, a fully-developed infant has emotions, can open its eyes, can hear, and taste and smell. By 27 weeks, a baby has a 90% chance of living outside of the womb. Yet, pro-choice politicians want to allow late-term abortions that some pro-life advocates say is a brutal process.

It’s estimated every year, over 10,000 abortions take place after the 20th week of pregnancy. Additionally, research shows the majority of these procedures were not due to the risk of either the mother or the baby’s health.

So, do Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris support late-term abortions?

Pro-Life Groups Label Biden/Harris as “Most Pro-Abortion Ticket in History”

Immediately after Biden announced Harris as his running mate, pro-life groups began their assault on their track records. March for Life President Jeanne Mancini labeled Biden the “abortion candidate” after he selected Harris. She stated they’re the most extreme abortion candidates in US history. Not to be outdone, in early August, Women Speak Out PAC released a damaging video showing Biden and Harris’s record on the issue.

Biden and Harris Track Record on Abortion

Over the last 50 years, Biden has slowly shifted his pro-choice beliefs leftward. As for Harris, she’s on the far left of the pro-choice movement. There are three ways the dynamic duo have shown they support late-term abortions.

First, it’s no secret that both heavily support Roe v. Wade. They both stated abortion is a litmus test for any Supreme Court nominee that Biden would choose to nominate if a seat becomes available.

Second, both sponsored legislation allowing for late-term abortions. Harris sponsored the “Women’s Health Protection Act” that specifically allows the procedure after viability is established. She also advocated for federal and state funding of abortions. In 2019, the vice-presidential candidate voted with her Democratic colleagues to block a GOP bill that would require doctors to treat infants who survived a botched procedure.

While still serving in the Senate in 1992, Biden sponsored a bill similar to the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Third, Biden created the 2020 Democratic platform, which fully carries out the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” and it purposely does not limit any stage of pregnancy when it comes to termination.

It’s clear from the record of the two candidates where they stand on late-term abortions. The question is, will their views turn off voters?

The election is less than nine weeks away. We will find out soon enough.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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