Biden IGNORES “Kill List” – Criminal Freed!

Biden Admin Freed Dangerous Drug Lord

Biden Administration Frees Dangerous Drug Lord

( – In April, the US conducted a prisoner swap with Russia which resulted in the release of former Marine Trevor Reed. The Kremlin had held the veteran in custody since 2019. Now, President Joe Biden’s administration has arranged for the release of another American from detention in another country.

On September 19, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced US Navy veteran Mark Frerichs was on his way home from Afghanistan after two years of Taliban captivity.

Once again, the US government agreed to a prisoner swap for the vet’s return. The State Department traded Bashir Noorzai, a heroin trafficker associated with the Taliban. The drug lord was reportedly once on the US’ highly classified list of targets to kill or capture. He had served 17 years of a life sentence at the time of the trade.

Frerichs worked as a civilian contractor for more than a decade in Afghanistan. Someone abducted him in 2020, and intelligence sources believed the Taliban-linked Haqqani network held him. The American government has been working for years to bring him home. NPR reported a statement from Biden, saying the negotiations to bring Frerichs home “required difficult decisions, which [he] did not take lightly.”

Do you support the president’s decision to swap the drug lord for the former Navy veteran?

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