Biden Issues “ARMAGEDDON” Warning – This Is Real!

Biden Likens Nuclear Threat to Cuban Missile Crisis

Biden Likens Nuclear Threat to Cuban Missile Crisis

( – Tensions between Russia and the West are at a level the world hasn’t seen in decades. The country has suffered major losses in its war with Ukraine over the last several months. The Ukrainian military made those losses worse recently as it launched a blitz attack on the invading forces, taking back much of its seized territory and forcing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops to flee.

Putin responded to the losses by threatening to use nuclear weapons. In late September, the leader warned he wouldn’t hesitate to use weapons of mass destruction to protect his country’s interests. When he announced he formally annexed parts of the Donbas region recently, some pundits speculated the Russian autocrat could go to extremes to keep the territory he now views as his own. The Kremlin leader’s threats led to a shocking remark from the US president.


NATO issued a warning the first week of October after it noticed the deployment of the Russian submarine carrying the so-called “doomsday missile” known as Poseidon. There was speculation that Putin deployed the weapon.

On Thursday, October 6, President Joe Biden attended a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) fundraiser in New York City. ABC News reported the POTUS brought up the war in Ukraine and Putin’s nuclear threats, saying the Russian leader is “not joking” about potentially using weapons of mass destruction. He claimed, ”there’s a “direct threat of the use of a nuclear weapon” for the “first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis” if the world continues down this path. Biden told the crowd there hadn’t been a “prospect of Armageddon” in decades. The president’s declaration was the first time anyone from the administration had laid the problem out so shockingly.

National Security Team Responds

On Sunday, White House National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that Biden didn’t base his remarks on new information. He said there’s no indication Putin will use or has decided to use them. Further, he told the host America has not changed its “strategic nuclear posture.”

Health and Human Services announced it recently purchased $290 million worth of Nplate from Amgen USA Inc. Doctors use the medication to treat blood cell damage from radiation injuries in both pediatric and adult patients. The press release didn’t explain the timing of its purchase, but there is speculation that it’s tied to Russia’s threats.

Are you worried about the threats from Putin?

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