Biden Jumps On Cop Shootings to Push Anti-2A Agenda

Biden Jumps On Cop Shootings to Push Anti-2A Agenda

( – Less than a day after two California cops were ambushed by a gunman, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is exploiting the crime to push for stricter gun control.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were sitting in their squad car in Compton on Saturday, September 12, when their assailant walked up to the vehicle and opened fire. Both deputies are in the hospital in critical condition.

Biden, a long-time supporter of gun control, didn’t waste any time making political capital out of the assault. Late Sunday night, he posted a tweet demanding a ban on assault weapons – which have been banned since 1986 – and high-capacity magazines.

There’s a flaw in Biden’s logic, of course. The Compton assailant didn’t use an assault weapon or a high-capacity magazine. Like most armed criminals, he used a handgun. While Biden has been pushing gun bans for years, he has an obsessive focus on semi-automatic rifles – which are rarely used in crimes. He’s barely mentioned handguns at all.

Biden might pretend he’s trying to prevent more crimes like Saturday’s shootings; the reality is he’s simply exploiting them to push his private obsessions.

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