Biden Loses It on Voter

Biden Loses It on Voter

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden is quickly becoming famous for putting his foot in his mouth. In another shocking display of vulgarity, Biden exchanged angry words with a factory worker in Detroit.

The scene began when an autoworker challenged the presidential candidate, claiming he is “actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights.”

In what is becoming typical behavior for Biden, he responded to the accusation by telling the worker he is “full of s—!”

As the argument intensified, Joe slung more insults — telling the man “Don’t be such a horse’s a–.”

In a campaign full of gaffes and heated exchanges with voters, it is surprising that Biden is still doing so well. His true colors have been revealed for all to see many times over, and they are becoming more sickly to behold with each passing day. Considering these are the very people he is supposed to be campaigning to represent, you almost have to laugh at the irony.

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