Biden Miscues Open Voters’ Eyes

Biden Miscues Open Voters' Eyes

( – It’s incredible what broken promises, self-inflicted political wounds, economic woes, mistruths and misinformation, and the botched handling of Afghanistan can do to a president. Seven months ago, Joe Biden promised at his inauguration America was heading in a different direction after four years of Donald Trump. The president’s approach couldn’t be more extreme or the outcomes more pronounced in such a short time.

Biden sat out most of the 2020 campaign from the coziness of his Delaware basement. He argued he was trustworthy, dependable, likable, and competent. Yet, of all the presidents in modern US history, it turns out Biden may be the most lawless. He pulled the wool over the eyes of everyone who voted for him. Now, many are waking up to the sad reality.

Biden Hands GOP the Keys to 2022 Midterm Elections

Just a month ago, President Biden’s approval rating sat at 52% in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. It was nine points higher than his disapproval rating of 43%. Fast forward a month, and the trend is reversing faster than a speeding bullet. The two are virtually dead even, and some surveys now show Biden is underwater with voters.

It would be easy to blame Afghanistan. Unfortunately for Biden, there’s much more to his problems than the botched operation that will forever define his presidency. In January, the signs of a doomed presidency were evident out of the gate. Consider his string of problems and self-inflicted wounds. Joe Biden:

  • Declared war on American energy independence.
  • Suffered a massive immigration invasion at the southern border.
  • Endorsed of elements of Critical Race Theory.
  • Planted the seeds of skyrocketing inflation.
  • Advocated the transformation of America through the two-track infrastructure proposals that, together, cost over $5 trillion combined.
  • Witnessed exploding violent crime across the country.
  • Exhibited a pervasive attitude of lawlessness.
  • Pitted vaccinated versus unvaccinated groups against one another.
  • Promoted misinformation and racially demagogued GOP-led election reform laws.
  • Encouraged state workers to break state laws.
  • Led the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

That’s a tremendous number of failures in only a few months. It’s hard to remember a president enduring this many troubles in such a short time. Is it any wonder Americans are turning on Biden so quickly?

Republicans Hit Biden Hard

Considering all that’s at stake in America, it would be political malfeasance if the GOP doesn’t hit the president hard. In mid-August, Republicans went on the offensive after Biden said the “buck stops here” but blamed everyone and everything else for his missteps in Afghanistan. In response, members of the GOP called on Biden to resign or Congress to impeach the president. Some even called for the 25th Amendment.

Of course, Biden isn’t going anywhere. What the GOP is doing is rallying its base. It’s a smart move. Republicans are showing their core supporters good reason to be energized and excited about November 2022. The conservatives will put Biden in check if voters put them in charge of the House and Senate.

In the House, Republicans only need to flip five seats. In the Senate, they only need one to regain control of the upper chamber’s agenda. Both are in play for the GOP.

Building momentum is one thing. Sustaining is another. If Biden keeps up his pace of failures, he may just be the catalyst the GOP needs for the next year. Or, could it be that voters’ eyes are now open, and it won’t matter much what other disasters happen over the next 15 months?

We’ll see.

Stay tuned!

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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