Biden Mocked Over Sad Rally Attendance

Biden Mocked Over Sad Rally Attendance

Biden Humiliated – Recent Rally is Downright Laughable

( – President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have their war cry for 2022 perfected. Rather than focus on policy issues affecting Americans, such as inflation, energy costs, or immigration, the Left continues to target everyday Americans. At a rally on Labor Day, the president spewed divisive rhetoric and insults before a tiny crowd causing many Conservatives to snicker with delight.

The “rally” was anything but energetic or exciting. The president muttered the same words and slogans that are the current talking points of Democrats: “MAGA Republicans,” “extremists,” and one new addition in what seemed like an off-script remark, “Trumpies.” In a recap of the speech on the Fox News show “The Five,” host Gregg Gutfeld chuckled at the term, pointing out the serious lack of energy at the event.

Fox Correspondent Jesse Watters joined the show to add some mockery, noting he had backyard barbeques bigger than Biden’s event. Watters wanted to know why a man who won more votes than anyone in American history had such a small turnout on a holiday weekend. The reporter tossed some shade at liberal media outlets, speculating that they would simply go with the flow and add whatever the party wants to the teleprompters.

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