Biden Mocks Conservatives as He Doubles Down on Unity

Biden Mocks Conservatives as He Doubles Down on Unity

( – Joe Biden finally did it after being in office for 65 days. It may have taken him longer than any modern US president in recent history to stand before reporters, but it’s done. Perhaps in retrospect, maybe he shouldn’t have done it. For those who paid attention to what he actually said, it was a bit confusing at times as he doubled down on far-left issues and left behind the moderation that was promised in the 2020 election campaign.

It’s clear his handlers wouldn’t allow Joe to be Joe. With note cards in hand prepared to answer every question by the liberal media, Biden came off as the same old guy who genuinely believes he’s saving “the soul of America.” Yet, the problems created in his first three months are destroying his utopian dream of unity. Oh wait, he had an answer for that as well.

By the end of the press conference, what Biden did was allow the liberal media an opportunity to go back to work defending his failed policies and provided the GOP with plenty of firepower as conservatives prepare for the 2022 mid-term elections.

No Apologies for Ending Trump Policies

Illegal immigration is once again the story of the day. It was all quiet on the southern border for several years as the wall was built, asylum cases were being heard in Mexico and Central America, and kids were no longer locked up in detention facilities. Since inauguration day, the story has changed dramatically as a migrant crisis has exploded on the southern border — one the administration refers to as a “challenge.” Biden blames Trump for the surge, but even Mexico’s president acknowledged the obvious — Biden’s rhetoric and policies are the critical drivers.

Biden emphatically said he wasn’t going to apologize for reversing the Trump policies (that worked). He said he wasn’t going to separate kids from their mothers. Yet, 16,000 of the 100,000 migrant detainees are unaccompanied children, meaning they are not with their mothers. Think about it. If mothers allowed their kids to go on a journey within the US without adult supervision, it would be called child abuse. However, Biden’s policies are encouraging this behavior while claiming they enjoy the high moral ground.

Regarding the “Remain in Mexico” policy, there was much hyperbole on the president’s part. Biden said it would take time to rebuild the immigration systems that Trump dismantled.


The former president was creating policies in the absence of policies under the Obama administration. Isn’t it ironic that America is again experiencing migrant surges similar to under Obama?

Did Biden Claim Unity Between Himself and GOP Voters?

It didn’t take long for Biden to mock former President Trump and his supporters when asked if he would run for president again in 2024. Shockingly, Biden said, yes. During the election, he said he would be a one-term president. When asked if he wanted to run against Trump, Biden’s body language and laugh said what words couldn’t. Interestingly, while Biden plays identity politics and threatens to tear the Democratic Party apart between the moderates and leftists, the president claimed he didn’t even know if there would be a Republican Party in 2024.

When asked about the issue of unity, Biden made a mockery of it. He said that while the GOP lawmakers didn’t support him, Republican voters do. That must be news to them because Gallup’s most recent poll on March 18 said that only 10% of Republican voters approved of the president’s job performance.

In a world where Biden mocks Trump, claims widespread support in the GOP, pushes extremist far-left policies like transgender issues, illegal immigration and the Green New Deal, and says voter integrity isn’t important, there is no possible unity between Biden and Republican voters.

There is a lot to unpack from this press conference. The key theme one can take away is that Biden is doubling down on anything that’s not Trump, regardless of whether it’s good. Then, he somehow claims there’s unity between himself and GOP voters.

The press conference was nothing less than divisiveness cloaked in gentleness and meekness. The substance was anything but gentle or meek.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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