Biden No-Fly Order Will Likely Mean War With Russia

Biden No-Fly Order Will Likely Mean War With Russia

( – As Russian troops press deeper into Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged NATO members to enact a no-fly zone over Ukraine. The Ukrainian president included the US in this request, and if Biden agrees, it will involve America in the overseas war. Russia’s most vital advantage is its air force, so Ukraine has requested assistance in shutting down air travel.

What Is a No-Fly Zone?

A no-fly zone restricts military aircraft, passenger planes, or carriers from flying over a specific area. Established when safety is a concern, military forces prohibit aircraft from occupying the skies over a particular location to protect the land, structures and people from aerial attacks.

No-flight zones also occur during significant cultural events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Just because these restrictions exist doesn’t mean possible dangerous bad actors will obey them. Establishing spatial boundaries is the first step in protecting a preferred geographical spot.

Will a No-Fly Zone Lead to Military Engagement?

Military analysts predict the US will likely involve itself in the war between Russia and Ukraine if Biden orders a no-flight zone over Ukraine. The Russian air force has already killed thousands of Ukrainian citizens. If NATO takes away this attack outlet, there’s a strong chance the US will become involved in the war.

Once a no-fly zone is active, American troops or air support and European allies will need to enforce the zone. This course of action would place American soldiers in a dangerous situation. If US troops maintain a no-fly zone command, the proximity to Russia under such tense circumstances increases the likelihood of war between Russia and America.

Biden vowed not to send any US troops into Ukraine, but he sent 3,000 American soldiers to Eastern Europe to support NATO allies in February. The president claims there will be no further involvement in the war, and the US will not enter Ukraine.

Historic No-Fly Zone Orders

NATO and the United States first started no-flight zones in 1991 during the Gulf War to stop targeted attacks by Saddam Hussein. In 1992, the United Nations ordered a no-fly zone over Bosnia and again in Libya during 2011 to protect civilians from military air attacks.

Russia has a variety of combat capabilities it can still use. US officials speculate Russian forces could use siege warfare and completely level Kyiv, similar to techniques they used in Aleppo, Syria. A no-fly zone wouldn’t necessarily keep Ukraine safe, but they believe it could help. Still, experts say any involvement America has in the no-fly zone request from President Zelenskyy will be very dangerous for our nation.

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