Biden Opens New Office to Curb Gun Violence Amid Controversy

Biden Opens New Office to Curb Gun Violence Amid Controversy

( – Politicians on both sides of the aisle agree the US has a problem with gun violence. The cause of the shootings and the solution to stop them are where lawmakers disagree. Democrats believe that gun control is the answer. Republicans think law-abiding gun owners can help keep their families and communities safe. Both parties believe America has a problem with mental health issues.

President Joe Biden recently announced a new office that will allegedly confront the problem head-on. Second Amendment supporters believe the POTUS might have ulterior motives.

Office of Gun Violence and Prevention

On September 22, Biden announced the creation of the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence and Prevention. CBS News reported the president said he hopes Congress will step up and “take commonsense actions” to combat gun crimes, like “enacting universal background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” However, since they have not passed any legislation like that, he claimed the newly established office will “do everything it can to combat the epidemic of gun violence” impacting the country.

Biden, apparently happy with the inaction Vice President Kamala Harris has taken at the border and her failure to pass voting legislation, decided she would be the most effective leader of the new office. According to a press release from the White House, the new office will be in charge of implementing the regulations that were passed in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

The office will also implement Biden’s executive orders related to gun control. The president mentioned the ATF recently proposed a rule to “reduce the number of guns sold without background checks” and to keep criminals from getting firearms.

Concerns About the New Office

Second Amendment activists are concerned that Biden might be using the newly established White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention for a more nefarious reason. reported some people think the president might try to ban guns. The website warned the Democrat might be headed down a road where he guts the Constitution by turning the inalienable right to own firearms into some kind of privilege regulated by the government.

Ammoland also reported the office appears to be a campaign gimmick as the president tries to convince the American people to vote for him again. It cited reports that said the new endeavor will give Biden something to point to as proof of his action on gun safety, despite being unable to move any further legislation through Congress.

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