Biden Out? Cuomo’s Name Surfaces

Biden Out? Cuomo's Name Surfaces

( – Former Obama VP Joe Biden is clearly the only viable candidate left in the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination to run against President Donald Trump in the general election. Usually, this comes with the tag of “presumptive candidate.” The thing about presumptions is they can change. Social media and some pundits are suggesting that the party may be, and if not they should be, talking about a different person getting the nod: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo Steps Up in the Midst of Chaos

Cuomo has taken a strong leadership role as New York has developed into the east coast epicenter for the virus. On social media, #PresidentCuomo quickly took root and was trending across the platforms.

Some have noted the governor never officially threw his hat into the ring, therefore, they say it can’t happen. But, as a Boston Herald headline said, it’s “not so far-fetched.” If enough of the delegates pledged to candidates that have dropped out force a “brokered convention,” and the so-called superdelegates come into play, anything could happen. Especially if one considers all the state primaries that were impacted by the coronavirus emergency.

In an Op-Ed for Newsweek, the author encouraged the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to do just that. Their first point of reasoning was dual-pronged. They praised Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic, then quite pointedly said: “he is the only Democrat who can absolutely beat President Donald Trump in November.”

But What About Sleepy Joe?

Biden has all but disappeared from public view as the COVID-19 pandemic has erupted across America and his mind seems to wander at times during interviews and campaign stops. Now, he’s got even more to deal with as an aide to then-Senator Biden has come forward and accused him of sexual assault. That could be a death knell in the #MeToo era.

Right now, this is pure conjecture mixed with the urging of a small number of members of the press. However, if a groundswell of voters gets behind this and clouds continue to gather around Biden, the DNC might decide they have to pursue the idea. After all, their primary goal is to make sure Trump does not get another four years in the White House.

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