Biden Pardons Secret Service Agent Accused of Selling US Intel

Biden Pardons Secret Service Agent Accused of Selling US Intel

Secret Service Agent off the Hook – Biden Responsible

( – President Biden has used his powers of clemency for the first time, releasing dozens of drug dealers from jail. He’s also issued three pardons. One of those went to the first black Secret Service agent to serve on a presidential detail.

In 1964, Abraham W. Bolden, a former cop who served on President Kennedy’s security detail after being hand-picked by the president himself, was convicted of attempting to sell a secret file to a gang of counterfeiters and sentenced to 15 years in prison. The conviction was controversial at the time. Bolden’s first trial ended with a hung jury, and after he was convicted at the second trial, some of the jurors claimed the prosecution had pressured them to lie.

Bolden served 39 months in federal jail but has always maintained his innocence. He says he complained to supervisors about unprofessional behavior by fellow agents, some of whom drank or womanized while on duty; instead of investigating the complaints, Bolden claims, he was falsely accused of selling secrets and sent to jail.

Announcing Bolden’s pardon, Biden called the US a nation of “second chances, redemption, and rehabilitation.” Whether or not Bolden was guilty of the charges against him, he certainly seems to have been a model citizen since his release. The question is, is the same true of the 77 drug dealers who also received Biden’s clemency?

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