Biden Picks Controversial BLM Advisor to Help Choose Supreme Court Nominee

Biden Picks Controversial BLM Advisor to Help Choose Supreme Court Nominee

( – In 2020, then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden pulled the wool over millions of Americans’ eyes. He alleged he was a Moderate who defeated the far-left and socialists in his party. Yet, Biden began governing as a left-wing president from his first days in office. He signed executive orders about “equity” and pushed the Left’s agenda through the Build Back Better semi-socialist proposal.

Even now, he occasionally tries to make voters believe he’s a Centrist. Fortunately, a few in the media are peeling back another layer of the onion. On February 2, Biden revealed his small list of advisors helping him pick a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. By the first of March, the White House said the president would make his choice. Helping him is a Black Lives Matter board member and promoter of Critical Race Theory.

Has Biden Learned Anything Over the Last Year?

American voters have made it plainly clear they disapprove of the president’s job performance in poll after poll. The farther left he goes; the worse job approval ratings become for him. Yet, Biden says he doesn’t understand why Americans disapprove of his leadership so much. Could it be that he’s trying to govern as if he has a left-wing mandate that voters didn’t give him?

It’s common for presidents to hire advisors and consultants to aid them in vetting potential Supreme Court nominees and helping the nominee get through the Senate confirmation process. These folks help the president define what he’s looking for in a justice and match them up with individuals whose ideology aligns with the president’s worldview.

It appears that Biden is all in on the Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory (CRT) agenda. The question is, why? In Virginia, voters who cast a ballot for Biden bailed on the Democratic woke agenda of CRT in public schools. They demanded it end, and when it didn’t, voters flipped the positions of governor, Lt. governor, attorney general, and the statehouse, not to mention school boards. Across the country, the pushback against CRT and labeling Americans as racists and White supremacists has been swift and furious. Voters booted three school board members in far-left San Francisco over their wokeness.

Yet, it appears Biden isn’t getting the message and is moving forward with the Left’s agenda despite repeated calls by voters to change course.

Biden Appoints CRT and BLM Board Member to Supreme Court Panel

Biden has made it clear he intends to pick a female Black judge. One key adviser he chose to help guide him and a nominee through the Senate confirmation process is a BLM board member who promotes defunding the police and is also a strong CRT advocate. Minyon Moore has a long history with CRT and BLM. Conspicuously, her White House biography left those facts out. She served in Bill Clinton’s White House, Hillary’s presidential campaign and served as the CEO and COO of the Democratic National Committee.

That’s how embedded CRT is in the Democratic Party. Moore admits to talking every week with CRT scholar Kimberle Crenshaw, a professor at UCLA and Columbia University. In a discussion with the professor, Moore said that silence on racial issues and CRT led to the election of Glenn Youngkin as governor in Virginia, who recently banned CRT in K-12 public schools. Crenshaw stated the Southern Baptist Church critiques of CRT are akin to rolling back Reconstruction in 1876, and churches should be espousing radical racial teaching.

Over the last year, BLM complained President Biden and Vice President Harris ignored them. They can’t say that anymore. During the confirmation process, Biden opened the doors with Moore’s pick for the GOP to frame the president as a left-wing president who’s out of touch with America. So, will Republicans ask the hard questions of the nominee and expose Biden’s big “moderate” lie once and for all? Will they create enough public pressure if Biden nominates a radical Supreme Court nominee to force him to find a more moderate replacement for Breyer?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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