Biden Raises Defenses Over Simple Question About Inflation

Biden Raises Defenses Over Simple Question About Inflation

Biden Gets TESTY Over Basic Question

( – The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that inflation rose to 8.6% in the 12 months ending in May. Despite the rising prices, President Joe Biden has downplayed the problem. In a recent interview, he even got a little testy.

On June 16, Biden sat down with Associated Press reporter Josh Boak to talk about a number of issues. During the interview, the president said he thinks the US is in a strong economic position. However, when the journalist asked the president whether he thought any of his policies contributed to rising inflation, he reportedly grew frustrated.

Biden asked the reporter why “every other major industrial country in the world that inflation is higher” if he is to blame. “You ask yourself that?” he questioned Boak.

Some took the president’s remarks to mean he believed every other industrial nation had higher inflation than the US, which is verifiably untrue.

According to the New York Post, Fox News’ Peter Doocy interpreted the statement that way and asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why the president made the claims. She clarified that the president was not saying the other countries had higher inflation than the US. Instead, President Biden was pointing out that every other country is also dealing with increased prices. Jean-Pierre told the Fox reporter, “it is a global thing.”

What do you think about Biden’s inflation claims?

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