Biden Reveals What He Really Thinks of Americans

Biden Reveals What He Really Thinks of Americans

( – Many politicians are condescending and believe they are above the average American. Elitism isn’t anything new among the political class. Yet, leaders tend to signal their feelings more subtly under the pretext that it’s better people assume something to be true than to actually hear it. That’s not President Joe Biden’s strength.

In America, how things are supposed to work is pretty straightforward. Voters give politicians the privilege to represent them and guide that nation, state, or community. Politicians do their best to uphold the Constitution and work to ensure that the government doesn’t erode their liberties. In exchange, voters re-elect them.

That’s not Biden’s mode of operation. Instead, he believes the government should rule over Americans, and when they reject the president’s leadership, he gets rather testy.

How Does Biden Feel About America?

On Tuesday, January 11, Fox News host Tucker Carlson offered analysis on how he believes Biden views Americans through his speeches. The popular Conservative said Biden is very disappointed and annoyed. Tucker added that Biden patronizes Americans and threatens those who don’t see things his way. It’s hard to argue against him.

Yet, there may be a lot more to Biden’s collapsing poll numbers than just Afghanistan, inflation, the economy, or his socialist big-government agenda. Sure, that may be part of it, but Americans don’t like being talked down to or scolded. Biden has a terrible habit of acting like a grumpy grandpa who demands respect but hasn’t earned it.

Just one year ago, Biden promised to unite the country and bring back civility. Yet, he’s been uncivil and one of the most lawless presidents in modern US history. Let’s look at just a few examples of how the president speaks about or treats Americans.


  • Scolded Georgians who voted for Republicans and said they “better smarten up”
  • Doesn’t trust Americans to tell them the truth about election reform laws or tax plans
  • On the one hand, called for civility and, on the other hand, mocked Conservatives
  • Labeled Republicans as authoritarians while threatening GOP governors
  • Accused GOP governors of “Neanderthal thinking”
  • Offered to subsidize Florida school districts who agree to break Florida state law
  • Warned if Americans want to protest the government, they’ll need F-15s and nuclear weapons

Biden Demands Americans Choose Sides

On Tuesday, Biden declared that if you’re not with him, you’re against him. That’s a bold statement not in line with the values of America. It’s manipulation and coercion, which is what this president is best at doing.

As Biden tries to force through a federal hijacking of elections, he told a group on Tuesday that it’s time to choose. Will people stand with him on the side of John Lewis and Abraham Lincoln, or will they oppose him and stand with the likes Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis? He then said it’s time for voters to decide if they will defend elections and democracy.

It’s a false choice. If one follows Biden down the abyss, they’ll get a federal power grab and corruption. If you’re against that, somehow you’re for the leader of the failed confederacy. If you disagree with him, you’re an insurrectionist intent on harming America.

Don’t be deceived. The president is saying that if the Senate doesn’t change the filibuster rules and vote their radical election reform legislation into law, Democrats won’t maintain their power or win elections.

So, the supposed president for democracy really isn’t for democracy at all. Biden doesn’t believe you have the capacity to decide what’s best for you. The government, under Democratic leadership, should decide for you. Like the Democratic Party, Biden wants one party to rule in America.

Isn’t that called authoritarianism or a dictatorship?

Yep, and when a president doesn’t think highly of the people, that’s where they go.

So, you decide. What does Biden really think of you?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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