Biden Says ‘America Is Back’ as Problems Intensify and America Rejects His Presidency

Biden Says 'America Is Back' as Problems Intensify and America Rejects His Presidency

( – In 2016, America was in shambles. Economic growth was anemic as it hovered between 1% and 2% for nearly eight years under President Obama. American manufacturers closed their plants for several decades and headed south to Mexico, China, and the Asia Pacific. Gone were millions of good-paying jobs. Drug and human trafficking smugglers overran the southern borders with illegal immigrants.

By early 2020, the US economy was roaring as more jobs were available than people to fill them. The economy expanded between 3% and 4% over three years, manufacturing returned to the states, and illegal immigration was under control. Then the pandemic hit, and Joe Biden became president. In his first year, it’s been one bad thing after another, and yet on Thanksgiving Day, the president declared, “America is back.”

Is America Really Back?

In 2020, voters who supported Biden said they wanted a president with good judgment who was stable, honest, and trustworthy. President Biden has been none of those things. In fact, he’s one of the most lawless presidents in US history. In addition, he’s labeled those who disagree with him as racists and repeatedly bullied Americans. Biden even tried to bribe teachers by offering to pay their salaries if they broke state law. Does that sound like a stable person with good judgment?

The Energy Crisis

Out of the gate on January 20, he declared war on energy companies and stripped the US of its energy independence. Gasoline and home heating oil prices are exploding. Instead of asking US companies to produce more oil, the president turned to OPEC. They promptly turned their backs on the US president.

On Saturday, November 27, the administration announced it was opening the strategic oil reserve. The problem is, there’s only enough oil to last two weeks, and it doesn’t solve the supply problem Biden created.

Foreign Relations

Regarding foreign affairs, President Trump took a tough stand against bad trade deals and forced China to change its unfair trade policies and currency manipulations. In Afghanistan, the former president also wanted to pull the US military out of Afghanistan, but only if the Taliban met certain conditions.

At the same time, Trump sought more open communication with America’s adversaries. Biden has done just the opposite. He’s been more open to military hostilities with China, and do we need to say anything more about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal?

The Economy

Inflation is sky-high. Former Clinton and Obama treasury officials blame Biden and Democrats for driving up prices and lowering people’s purchasing power — which acts as a pay cut.


Well over a million illegal immigrants have poured over the border so far in 2021. The courts ruled several of Biden’s actions unconstitutional, including the 100-day deportation moratorium and the president’s halting of the Remain-in-Mexico policy.

9 Out of 10 Most Popular Governors are Republicans

According to a new Morning Consult poll, 9 of the 10 most popular governors in the country are Republican. Here is the most damaging part to Biden: His approval rating is lower than the country’s least popular governor. Let’s face it, Biden is failing on the reasons people voted for him in 2020.

So, does it really sound like America is back to you? The president is either in denial or evaluates the standard different than the rest of America. It’s probably a bit of both.

In reality, Biden is looking through an anti-Trump lens. It doesn’t matter if the policies and outcomes are wrong as long as Trump isn’t in office. Despite how ridiculous it may seem to those who don’t view their experiences through that torrid lens, there’s only one standard for Biden.

Ultimately, you’ll be the one to decide if America is back when you cast a ballot in 2022 and 2024.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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