Biden Says Americans Are Bad People?

Biden Says Americans are Bad People?

( – Democratic presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, just cannot keep himself out of trouble. As soon as he overcomes one controversy, he lands himself in hot water again. Is this the man Dems want running against Trump for president?

In a Virtual Town Hall meeting with actor John Cheadle and CEO of Gathering Spot, Ryan Wilson, Biden made a controversial statement, “10 to 15 percent of the people out there are just not very good people.”

These are the people he wants to vote for him?

In this same meeting, Biden said “what the president says matters” and for once he got something right! This is exactly why America cannot have someone like Sleepy Joe in the Oval Office. People lash out their opinions on President Trump’s Twitter, but Biden’s statements are more racist and divisive than any comment the president’s made.

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