Biden Says He Didn’t Get the Memo Soon Enough on Baby Crisis

Biden Says He Didn't Get the Memo Soon Enough on Baby Crisis

Biden Mistake Reported – Memo Never Arrived!

( – Parents across the nation have struggled for weeks to find baby formula. Hospitals have admitted several children for problems related to the shortage. President Joe Biden now admits he didn’t know about the crisis soon enough.

On June 1, Biden held an emergency meeting with the top baby formula producers in the country. During the question and answer portion with reporters, he claimed he didn’t know about the shortage until April. At that point, he claimed his administration started working around the clock to solve the problem and eventually conceived Operation Fly Formula. A reporter pointed out that the CEOs said during the meeting they knew exactly how bad the shortage would be when the FDA forced Abbott Nutrition to close its Michigan plant in February. Biden responded, “They did, but I didn’t.”

Although Biden claims he wasn’t aware of the problem for almost two months, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed the president worked to address the problem within days of the closure. She said they’d “been working on [the shortage] for months, for months.”

Although they had warnings about the problems in the Abbott factory in October, the FDA did nothing to shut it down until February. Now, the agency is facing a federal investigation into whether it followed its own procedures when it came to the contamination that allegedly killed two infants.

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