Biden Says He Doesn’t Need Obama

Biden Says He Doesn’t Need Obama

Former Vice President Joe Biden is attempting to step out of Barack Obama’s shadow as he continues his presidential run.

During his No Malarkey tour through Iowa, Biden answered questions about his campaign. When asked about his relationship with the former president, Biden said that he specifically asked Obama not to endorse him, adding “…everyone knows I’m close with him. I don’t need an Obama endorsement.”

This question came up because of an article published recently that claimed Obama told another candidate that Biden doesn’t have a good connection with voters.

“He may have said that. And if it’s true, and he said it, there’s truth to it. (I’ve) mostly campaigned for other people in the time I’ve been here. And I’ve never been in a position seeking the nomination where I have had the money and the organization to be able to get open headquarters all over the state.”

-Joe Biden

Biden also spoke about his fellow presidential hopefuls, saying that the media is going too easy on Buttigieg and that he’s not threatened by Warren’s popularity in New Hampshire, “She lives in Massachusetts, she’s invested millions and millions of dollars in New Hampshire, why shouldn’t she be known there?” Warren’s campaign responded saying that “Our campaign is not on the air in New Hampshire.”

Biden has consistently had a low level of turnout for his events recently, and the crowds he is drawing tend to be older, showing he isn’t connecting with a lot of the younger voters. He might want to rethink his stance on not needing Obama.

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