Biden Sends Obama to Play Damage Control

Biden Sends Obama to Play Damage Control

( – Something seems amiss, and it was difficult to put a finger on it for the longest time. The media is protesting too much about the “evils” of Donald Trump while defending Democratic nominee Joe Biden. It’s never been a secret that the media loathes the president. Regardless of the media’s blatant bias, the environment is changing, and it could benefit Trump in the election that’s less than two weeks away.

Despite a pandemic and the constant barrage of negative news, massive crowds are still showing up for Trump. On a drive in Pennsylvania’s heartland from Lancaster County, PA in the south-central part of the state to Williamsport in the northern part of the state, Trump signs outnumber Biden signs almost 8 to 1. Republicans have significantly outpaced new voter registrations over Democrats by 134,000. Trump won Pennsylvania by a little more than 44,500 votes in 2016.

There is virtually no way either candidate can win the election without Pennsylvania, and it’s ground zero for both campaigns. Trump is closing in fast on Biden and performing better than he did at the same time in 2016 in Pennsylvania, and Biden is underperforming compared to Hillary Clinton.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Biden was supposed to be the centrist Democrat who could save America. However, the black vote may have something to say about the matter.

Biden Dispatches Obama to Philadelphia

As a result of Biden’s inability to create enthusiasm for his candidacy from his basement, former President Barack Obama was dispatched to rescue his former vice president’s campaign. Will it work? While Obama is great at gathering support for himself, he’s struggled to do so for other candidates in the past. His endorsements don’t traditionally carry much weight. He lost the Congress in 2010 and never got it back during his presidency. He wasn’t a help to Hillary Clinton either.

Why is Obama being dispatched to the heart of liberal country in Pennsylvania?

Biden’s best shot at winning Pennsylvania is in the city and suburbs of Philadelphia. The area is a Democratic stronghold, and the rest of the state outside of Pittsburgh is conservative or moderate. Obama’s job in Philadelphia was to get people enthusiastic about voting for Biden, or against Trump. In a new Trafalgar Pennsylvania poll, Biden’s lead has been cut in half in recent days as there is a difference of only 1 point between the presidential candidates.

The problem for Biden is particularly striking in the black community. Since Trump’s inauguration in 2017, the media and Democrats have relentlessly accused Trump of being a racist. However, in May, they heard the former VP tell Charlemagne da God that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him, as well as other racial gaffes throughout the summer and early fall.

Regardless, actions speak louder than words, and that’s a serious challenge for Biden with black men and younger voters. Trump promoted and signed criminal justice reform legislation that reversed Biden’s decades-old law. Trump’s bill ended the penalties for black men for minor crimes at disproportionate rates, substantially increased funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and saw jobs created for black Americans at the best rate in recent history.

Black Endorsements Rolling In

In recent weeks, famous rapper and movie star Ice Cube teamed up with the Trump administration to create a “Platinum Plan” for black Americans. The plan aims to create 3 million new jobs over four years in the black community, provide increased access to $500 billion, and strengthen immigration policies that protect jobs. Responding to criticism, Ice Cube said Democrats and Republicans are the same until something changes for the black community. He said the Biden campaign told him they would talk after the election. The Trump campaign reached out after learning of the actor’s plan and tweaked their own with his help.

When the famous rapper 50 Cent learned of the Biden tax plan, he said he didn’t want to change his name from 50 Cent to 20 Cent because the government decided to take his hard-earned money. On Monday night, October 19, the star endorsed President Trump on Instagram.

Ice Cube and 50 Cent aren’t alone. Several high-profile black athletes, celebrities, and pastors have come out and endorsed Trump. Some prominent black athletes that support Trump include Jim Brown, Herschel Walker, Jack Brewer, Burgess Owens, Mariano Rivera, and Mike Tyson.

Are Democrats in Trouble in the Black Community?

Obama encouraged Black men on Wednesday not to sit the election out. While it only takes a small percentage of black voters to defect and re-elect Trump, Democrats are worried about the growing chorus of black men and young black voters who ask what the Democratic Party has done for the black community over the last fifty years. According to Politico, young black voters are not the same as their parents, and the future reliability of the Democratic Party of blacks doesn’t look as good as it once did.

The fact that it was Obama who had to reach out to black men in Philadelphia speaks volumes about where the Biden campaign believes it’s at in the black community.

In 2020, blacks may be the group Democrats can least afford to lose and may tip the scales to Donald Trump.

We’re going to find out soon enough.

By Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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