Biden Signs Gun Control Executive Order

Biden Signs Gun Control Executive Order

( – Joe Biden made passing gun control measures one of the top priorities of his presidential campaign in 2020. When he took office, it only took a few months before he issued a series of executive orders targeting firearms. At the time, the president called the six orders “actions to address the gun violence public health epidemic.”

In 2022, Biden signed bipartisan gun legislation into law, just a month after the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 children and two teachers dead. Now the president has issued another executive order, this one is related to that bipartisan gun bill.

Biden Visits California

On March 14, Biden was in Monterey Park, California, to meet with families of the 11 people who died in the shooting on the Lunar New Year. The president also met with the nine people who were injured. The POTUS gave remarks at the gathering, where he spoke about each of the victims by name and talked a little bit about who they were. ABC News reported Biden also acknowledged the heroism of Brandon Tsay, the man who subdued the gunman and ended the attack. “Brandon saved lives. He protected the community.”

Executive Order

The president announced he was signing a new executive order meant to target gun violence. The White House released a Fact Sheet for the new directive explaining what it would do. According to the administration, Biden hopes the EO will increase the number of background checks conducted before someone can purchase a firearm, “moving the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation.”

The Fact Sheet also states the order will keep dangerous people from obtaining guns by increasing the use of “red flag” laws, speed up law enforcement efforts to apprehend shooters who are harassing communities, and “strengthen efforts to hold the gun industry accountable.”

Biden also directed, or “encourag[ed],” the Federal Trade Commission to issue a report to analyze the way gun manufacturers market their weapons to children.

The administration’s Fact Sheet also bragged that Biden has used the power of his pen to issue more executive orders to “reduce gun violence than any other president at this point in their presidency.”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) insinuated the president was a clown for passing the executive order.

They went on to say, “Crimes are committed by criminals.” And unless the president and the people associated with him start to target people who commit violent acts, then it will continue to “spiral out of control.”

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