Biden Speech Gaffe Puts WH on Damage Control

Biden Speech Gaffe Puts WH on Damage Control

( – Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with both Russian and Ukrainian officials to try to de-escalate the situation between the two nations. While he was doing that, President Joe Biden was at home, making his job even more difficult.

On Wednesday, January 19, Biden held a rare press conference – and demonstrated why his aides hate when he goes in front of cameras. The president was discussing the situation in the east when he said the US and NATO will hold Russia accountable if President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine. Then he said something that shocked the press, he seemed to give the Kremlin permission to launch a “minor incursion” in Ukraine.

When a member of the press asked Biden if he meant to imply a small invasion of Ukraine would be okay, the president laughed and responded, “Good question. It did sound (like) that, didn’t it…”

After the press conference, the White House rushed to clean up the mess Biden made. Press Secretary Jen Psaki said any movement of Russian troops into Ukraine would be dealt with swiftly. A national security official within the administration told the press the president was referring to military vs. non-military actions.

Although the White House tried to clean up after the president’s comments, it wouldn’t be surprising if officials in Ukraine were very concerned right now.

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