Biden Spews More Misinformation Overseas

Biden Spews More Misinformation Overseas

( – President Joe Biden is getting awfully comfortable with spewing misinformation. Coming from a person who regularly attacked former President Trump for doing the same without evidence during the 2020 presidential campaign, one would think he would be more mindful of what he’s saying. Complicating matters, on Monday, June 14, Biden did it again in front of a foreign audience, violating unspoken protocols that leaders don’t air their dirty laundry when away from home.

Speaking before NATO allies, Biden appeared to be more concerned with what foreign leaders think of him than leading the United States. The president broke his own rule that leaders shouldn’t air their political grievances overseas. His attack on the Republican Party was not well-timed nor appropriate. Perhaps his own insecurities are getting the best of him as his agenda at home flails? Nonetheless, the commander-in-chief alleged without evidence that the GOP is “fractured,” “vastly diminished,” and that the Trump wing of the party is a “significant minority of the American people.”

Narrative vs. Fact

Biden’s history with lying and exaggerating is well chronicled. In this case, it’s egregious. What Biden is doing is typical of Democrats who are losing control of their agenda — they deflect, misrepresent, and lie. The reason is simple, Biden must create a narrative to hold together his fractured base. The left and center are divided over his policies, and they are hanging by a thread. Hatred of Donald Trump is the only thing that unites them.

Whenever Biden speaks, notice he never offers substantive facts to back up the narrative. For example, back in March, he proclaimed Georgia’s election reform law was “sick,” “unAmerican,” and suppressed voters, even calling it a Jim Crow-era law. Despite the facts to the contrary, Biden continues to double down on the lie. Why? If people hear a narrative enough times, they will accept it as truth even if it isn’t substantiated. The burden is on the accused, not the accuser.

It’s one of the worst kinds of politics and speaks directly to Joe Biden’s character and integrity, and he’s doing it again.

There is one reason a president would make such strong false claims — fear of becoming a failure. As America spirals back to the era of the 1970s when inflation was sky-high, energy costs were through the roof, and people were unsettled, Biden’s record is already shaping up to be much of the same in a very short time. He must escape getting tagged as the next Jimmy Carter, or the Democratic Party is doomed.

The Truth of the Matter

Lets’ look at some basic facts about the state of the Republican Party.

According to Gallup, since December, the percentage of people who identify as Republicans increased four points from 25% to 29%. The Democrats gained two points from 31% to 33%. Independents dropped from 41% to 35%. It’s entirely reasonable to conclude that independents are jumping on the GOP bandwagon as the Democrats are now a hard-left party.

Let’s consider the 2020 election. Despite media and Democratic claims, there is a tremendous amount of good news for the GOP as the party looks ahead to the 2022 midterm elections. For one, former President Trump received a record 74 million votes in November for an incumbent president. That’s hardly a minority. Republicans were supposed to lose seats in the House. Not one incumbent House Republican lost, and the party flipped 15 Democratic seats. Additionally, Democrats didn’t flip a single statehouse, and the GOP flipped New Hampshire – giving them the edge in redistricting in 2021 and a major competitive advantage in congressional races in 2022.

Finally, there’s the money thing. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) reported that it raised over $14 million in May and set a record for the third consecutive month. The NRCC currently has $42.1 million on hand. That’s double the cash on hand a year ago heading into the 2020 election. It also has no debt.

If that’s what Biden calls being diminished, what would success look like?

Let Biden Believe His Lies

American’s can’t trust Joe Biden to tell the truth. That’s okay. He’ll find out the truth soon enough. The truth is the farther left the Democratic Party goes, the less influential it becomes. The Left and moderates can’t agree on anything, and hyper intra-party partisanship is widening the gap internally. That doesn’t bode well for Biden’s agenda.

Defund the police, socialism, tax increases, and radical climate change measures threaten to impact American lives. All the while, Democrats are alienating the majority of Americans struggling to get back up after being knocked down by Democratic governors who initiated harsh lockdowns that proven not to work throughout 2020 and part of 2021.

The only thing that united Democrats was Trump. He’s not a factor now. However, it’s obvious Biden is desperate to make him one again as his agenda dies on the vine.

Good luck with that one.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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