Biden Staffers Donate Money to Bail Rioters

Biden Staffers Donate Money to Bail Rioters

( – It appears the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and some of his campaign staff have different views on the violent riots happening across the country. While Biden has condemned the riots, many of his staffers don’t feel the same way. 

According to reports, 13 of Biden’s campaign staffers have posted on Twitter claiming to have donated money to an organization in Minneapolis called Minnesota Freedom Fund that provides bail for rioters arrested by police. 

Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates told reporters Biden doesn’t agree with those types of organizations asking for “bail-out” donations saying they’re a “modern-day debtors prison.”

The violent and unnecessary death of George Floyd by police has caused nationwide rioting, millions of dollars in arson, destruction of property, and even deaths. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz (D) have both blamed “white supremacists” from other states for much of the violence. 

Leaders across the country are experiencing high levels of rioting and have asked for military aid to help stop the senseless violence. Over 25 cities have ordered mandatory curfews in an effort to stop protests that continue to erupt in violence. 

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