Biden Steals From Trump’s America First Policy

Biden Steals From Trump's

( – It’s not even a week into the new Biden administration, and the new president is already acknowledging that much of former President Trump’s America First policies were the right ones. Well, kind of. On Monday, January 25, President Biden is expected to sign an Executive Order that will create a “Made in America” director to oversee reforms that would make it difficult for the federal government to buy foreign-made products.

Every year, the federal government spends approximately $600 million buying goods and services from the private sector. The order seeks to ensure that workers and manufacturers in the United States get preferential treatment before companies outside of the country. The order will also make it more difficult to justify buying from overseas just because the price may be cheaper.

Biden Hijacked Trump’s Message

Last summer, Biden hijacked Trump’s “America First” message when he released a $700 billion plan to boost US manufacturing investments. His goal at the time was to strip the bond between blue-collar workers and President Trump. However, it was clear that while Biden was using the same language as the president, he meant something entirely different.

In the early years of his presidency, Trump stripped away many of the regulations and red tape that hampered the construction of manufacturing facilities and the manufacturing of goods. In a 2017 survey of CEOs, 77% said the savings would go towards hiring, and 87% would immediately build new facilities, improve upon existing facilities and technologies or add new equipment. The result was a booming economy that saw growth near 4% in 2018 and near or above 3% in 2019.

However, maintaining the Trump deregulation policy is not Biden’s strategy to improve the economy. He’s quickly reversing many of Trump’s executive orders that created that strong economic growth, including reinstating regulations that support the Green New Deal at the expense of American jobs. In just his first few days in office, Biden pulled the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline that the Teamsters say could cost 8,000 union jobs.

Unfortunately, Biden plans several more regulatory reversals that could suck tens of billions of dollars, or more, out of the economy.

Either Biden Didn’t Learn or Doesn’t Care?

On the surface, Biden’s executive order sounds good. He and his team must believe Trump’s message is good for them politically. However, it also appears that Biden never got the point of why Trump’s message was so popular with working people. Instead of learning from Trump’s successes, the new president seems intent on harming American workers.

That’s quite the opposite of the Trump agenda. In fact, it’s a repeat of the Obama years all over again.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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