Biden Taps Newsom to Defend Him at Second Primary Debate

Biden Taps Newsom to Defend Him at Second Primary Debate

( – It wasn’t that long ago that President Joe Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom appeared to have a strained relationship. Reports indicate the POTUS’ team was upset the Democratic governor was publicly flirting with a possible presidential run. Months later, the president’s advisors have changed their tunes.

Biden Team Taps Newsom In

According to a report in The Messenger, the Biden team is using Newsom to push back on the GOP’s message ahead of the second primary debate. Sources close to the campaign said that the governor is going to blanket the airwaves with anti-GOP messaging in his state, which is hosting the debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.

Newsom is also supposed to attend the debate in Simi Valley, though he will be in the audience like all other viewers. The Biden campaign has reportedly been impressed with the way the governor takes on Republicans and pushes back on their messaging. Over the summer, Newsom appeared on Fox News and went toe-to-toe with host Sean Hannity, a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump. The governor used the platform to refute the Conservative host’s criticisms of Biden and pushed the president’s message.

Newsom has also agreed to debate his arch-political nemesis, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but has reportedly kept the Biden team in the loop about it.

GOP Debate

The Liberal governor will likely have his work cut out for him if he intends to try to refute all of the GOP messaging. The Republican candidates who will participate in the debate on September 27 need to make a splash if they intend to stay in the primary. Trump is currently leading the field, but won’t be at the debate. That leaves candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Nikki Haley with an opportunity to shine.

The debate is especially crucial for DeSantis, who isn’t performing the way he’d hoped he would. He’s trailing Trump in all of the important states, including his own. Ford O’Connell, a GOP strategist in Florida, told The Hill, “The pressure is on DeSantis to do really well because […] he is slipping in the polls and he is slipping fast.” The expert said the days of pundits calling the primary a “two-person race [are] gone.”

Meanwhile, the conductor of the MAGA Train, Donald Trump, isn’t attending the second debate. Instead, he’ll be in Detroit giving a speech to the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. It will be the second debate the former president will miss during the primary. It’s unclear if he has plans to attend the third event in November in Miami.

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