Biden Tells Cancer Patients Not To Jump

Biden Tells Cancer Patients Not To Jump

Biden Says UNTHINKABLE – Does He Think This is Funny!?

( – President Joe Biden lost his eldest son, Beau Biden, to brain cancer in 2015. Since then, he has taken a special interest in cancer research and treatments. However, a recent remark during a speech to patients and survivors didn’t go over well with some people.

On September 12, Biden visited Boston’s John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to give a speech about the Cancer Moonshot Initiative. The commander-in-chief spearheaded a movement to pass the 21st Century Cures Act while vice president in 2016, the year after his son died. While thanking those who turned out for the event, including lawmakers and cancer survivors, their caregivers, and patients, he pointed up to a balcony and said, “And don’t jump from up there, okay?”

Twitter users called the remark “not funny” and “embarrassing.” The consensus was that it was an odd remark for the president to make. The crowd didn’t respond when he said it either, remaining quiet.

Biden refrained from making any other remarks like that for the rest of the speech. He told those in attendance that he takes cancer research very seriously and said it’s “one of the reasons why [he] ran for president.” He reminded everyone that the disease doesn’t see political parties and told them he believes “[b]eating cancer is something [America] can do together.”

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