Biden Threatens Businesses But Needs to Look in the Mirror for Solutions

Biden Threatens Businesses But Needs to Look in the Mirror for Solutions

( – Americans are experiencing one of the most challenging economies in over 40 years. Inflation is sky-high and it’s not a temporary problem, as the Biden administration claimed a few months ago. In fact, much of what the administration and the president say is temporary has become a long-term chronic problem. Take, for example, empty grocery store shelves, a lack of new cars, or virtually anything you purchase. It’s all in demand, but the supply is low.

So, what’s the president’s solution to the supply chain problem gripping America? He is buckling down on his reversal of sound economic policies from the Trump era and threatening businesses.

On Wednesday, October 13, the president met with business and union leaders to discuss the supply chain crisis. The president made it sound like there’s an easy fix, but the truth is Democratic governor-induced shutdowns largely contributed to the problem. Instead of blaming others for the predicaments Democrats largely created, it’s time for Biden to look in the mirror.

Biden Calls Out the Wrong People

In a speech from the White House on Wednesday, Biden declared he would call out companies that don’t rise to the occasion and unclog the broken supply chain. Apparently, he blames business leaders for the problem. His 40-plus years in government evidently didn’t prepare him for this type of challenge. Think about it, is it in any company’s best interest for hundreds of cargo ships, each with thousands of storage containers full of stuff to sell, to sit off America’s coasts unable to dock and unload?

Why is that even a problem?

During the height of the pandemic, Democratic governors shut down their states in March 2020. What occurred was a shock to the entire labor workforce. There are still more jobs available than people willing to fill them, and even those working are open to changing careers to take advantage of higher pay and better benefits. Port workers and truck drivers were not immune. Many of them either left the profession or retired.

That’s causing a massive backlog. Biden’s plan to open California ports 24/7 helps, but will it be enough if there aren’t enough workers to do the job? Across the supply chain, there aren’t enough truckers to move cargo containers at ports, let alone drive them around the country to warehouses and stores. Let’s not also fall into the notion the problem is this simple. It’s very complicated. When a system depends on stability and the government injects a serious whopper into the market, there will be consequences. Perhaps the worst failure is the government either didn’t see the problem coming or ignored it. Which is worse?

The president’s threats to call out businesses is an act of futility. All it can serve to do is turn more people against him as his poll numbers continue to sink. Evidently, this president isn’t learning how to inspire action and lead without threatening people. He threatens governors, citizens, and now it’s businesses. Pretty soon, there won’t be anyone else to go after unless he looks in the mirror.

Government is the primary driver of this problem. Yet, Biden is scolding the very people he needs to help him avoid another political catastrophe. It won’t be long before the president starts blaming former President Donald Trump and suggests he’s a victim of the former president’s incompetency.

Some experts say it will be well into 2022 before the supply chain recovers. If that’s the case, there could be severe political consequences. Biden knows it, which is why he sounds tough. The truth is he’s all bark and no bite. It appears the only ones who don’t know that are Biden and his team.

Hold on, America. Inflation isn’t anywhere near slowing down until business solves the supply chain problem. It’s in their best interest. The only question left is will the government make a bad problem worse?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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