Biden Threatens To Pull Funding From Hospitals Unless Certain Condition Is Met

Biden Threatens To Pull Funding From Hospitals Unless Certain Condition Is Met

Biden THREATENS Hospitals – Says He Will Cut Funding!

( – After the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June, the Left went into full-blown panic. Almost immediately, pro-choice advocates began petitioning President Joe Biden to do something to thwart the conservative High Court’s ruling. Some even suggested the SCOTUS decision was illegitimate and that abortion providers and women could simply ignore the court’s legal order.

After weeks of waiting, on Monday, July 11, the Biden administration released new guidance. Still, it was more scare and bully tactic than reality. The Department of Health and Human Services noted that doctors must protect the lives of mothers in an emergency. If they don’t, they and their hospital risk losing Medicare funding.

Biden Threatens Medical Professionals Unnecessarily

Under the 1985 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, HHS warned that women all over America have a right to emergency care. Is anyone disputing that point? Still, the administration attempted to use the law to say that emergency services, including what they are now labeling abortion care, take precedence over state laws that ban abortion.

So, is this an end-run around the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision? HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said the federal government expects hospitals and doctors to provide emergency abortions to save a mother’s life. The release noted that a doctor could medically qualify what defines an emergency. Still, it said miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and extremely high blood pressure qualify.

According to a letter sent out by Becerra, if health care providers refuse an emergency abortion service, the federal government could strip them of their Medicare payments.

Is Threat a Red Herring?

A step back from fact versus fiction shows the administration is playing with fire. On Monday, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley insinuated that the administration was over the top in its rhetoric, especially in wielding emergency care as a threat against medical providers.

Turley said the emergency issues HHS mentioned wouldn’t meet the medical or legal definitions of abortion. He noted that the states do not restrict ectopic pregnancy. Even if they did, the constitutional law professor said the courts were unlikely to uphold such measures because they’re emergency procedures.

The professor and practicing defense attorney’s main point was that the administration was deceiving women. Due to the rhetoric, some women may wrongly believe they could face a crime or other legal consequences if they seek an emergency service in a state that restricts abortion.

Turley claimed Biden wasn’t just peddling disinformation, but instead, he was endangering lives. It’s the worst kind of dramatic license, and they’ve censored Conservatives for far less harmful rhetoric.

So, once again, it appears that Biden is acting hypocritically and dangerously to win support through a volatile issue.

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