Biden to Deploy More Troops to Southern Border

Biden to Deploy More Troops to Southern Border

( – President Joe Biden’s lax immigration policies have created a crisis on the border that’s raged for more than two years. Millions of immigrants have illegally entered the US in that time. The POTUS is now sending more troops to the border.

On September 20, the president announced that he was deploying 800 more military members to the border. The service members will focus on “logistics and other functions” that will allow “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and officers to return to their core mission and responsibilities.”

There are currently 2,500 state National Guard members at the border assisting CBP. There are also 2,600 non-uniformed officers and an additional 24,000 CBP officers and agents at the southwest frontier.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also announced more enforcement actions at the border. The administration is accelerating applications for work authorizations. That’s one of the steps Democratic state and city leaders have begged the president to take. Currently, those who are allowed to stay in the country to await their immigration process are not permitted to work. That leaves them to rely on the government and charity to pay for everything, including housing and food. That is draining the resources of cities around the country as we move closer to winter.

DHS is also allowing people from Venezuela to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), an immigration program that allows migrants from certain countries to stay and work in the US legally. Generally, it’s provided to nations after natural disasters or other events that cause mass migration. Venezuelans are starving, and violence is out of control because of a socialist authoritarian who has taken over the country. Like Cuba, migrants from the South American country are fleeing to the US to escape the conditions.

Republicans have heavily criticized the president for his failure to handle the problems on the border. Democrats have also joined in recently. It’s unclear whether his latest actions will be enough to appease either side.

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